BOISE -- Saturday, Kristin Armstrong celebrated her 39th birthday, and the community came out to celebrate her. It all started at the Boise Depot with a victory ride down to Capitol Park.

Armstrong is definitely considered cool among her fans.

Especially because she won Olympic gold in the time trials because she passed somebody who had started before her, said one young fan.

Saturday, Armstrong got to hang out with some of her biggest fans.

Just being here with the kids is really what it's all about, Armstrong said. This is the fun part for me.

She said she wants to leave a legacy of inspiring kids. She's well on her way...

She loves biking and she works for her goals, and she tried to do all that stuff, said another fan.

The kids weren't the only Armstrong fans in attendance.

I think it's fantastic that she's here in the community, said one dad who brought his son to the event. I see her out when I'm riding bikes and she does things like this. And then it's just great that she's not just an athlete from the community, she's part of the community.

The community is part of Armstrong too. She said the return from Beijing stayed with her since 2008. But she said this is different than last time. She has the closure she didn't have after returning from Beijing.

The greatest thing about this time around is I'm at peace with where I'm at, she said. I've already gone on a few bike rides since I've been home, but they've been with my son, Lucas.

But she's not done. She'll stay active in Boise and Idaho. And Armstrong is ready for the next chapter.

I'm ready for whatever's next, she said. Whatever that challenge is going to be, and what that is I'm not sure yet, but I'm ready for it.

Armstrong signed autographs and took pictures with anyone and everyone at the event. The speeches ended around 4 p.m., but Armstrong stayed until about 6:30 p.m. thanking all her fans and signing autographs.

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