PORTLAND -- A man who decided he was too drunk to drive early Friday morning chose instead to crawl into a recycling dumpster at a Southeast Portland bar, only to be picked up by a hauler and twice compacted.

The man had been drinking at Club 205 when he chose the container to spend the night instead of a drunken drive home, said Lt. Robert King.

The club's regular trash hauler showed up sometime after 1 a.m. The truck emptied the recycling container and continued on its route, twice compacting the load, King said.

When the truck reached Mall 205, the Waste Management worker discovered the man in the truck, King said. He had suffered minor injuries and was taken the hospital by ambulance at about 2:45 a.m.

Waste Management spokeswoman Jackie Lang said the driver did everything he could to help the man, including initial treatment. The driver had to convince the man not to walk away as he wished, but to stay and get proper medical attention.

Lang said the driver was shaken up by the incident.

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