ADACOUNTY-- Homeowners who live near Black Cat Road and Interstate 84 are breathing a sigh of relief after a grass fire Friday morning narrowly missed their homes.

The homes were not damaged but one section of the vinyl fence melted and other sections closer to the homes are burnt.

Firefighters told us construction workers started the fire, they were using a saw to cut metal and a spark got in the dry grass.

One homeowner said the crews tried to stop the fire by throwing dirt on it but it grew too quickly and started moving toward the homes.

I went and got my daughters and they were still in their pajamas, I told them get dressed we might have to leave the house. Nothing I could do really, said Matt Lorcher.

I'm like are you serious! You're not kidding right? said Matt Lorcher's daughter, Amy Johnson.

Firefighters with the Nampa and Meridian fire departments stopped the fire before it reached their house. Firefighters say about three to four acres burned.

The homeowners had recently cut down the dry brush behind their home and firefighters say that helped keep the fire and flames at a manageable size.

Lorcher said the construction crew has already talked to him and his neighbor about replacing the damaged fence.

Idaho State Police say the interstate remained opened, although smoky conditions made driving more difficult.

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