BOISE -- On Thursday afternoon, another heated meeting about the proposed waste-to-energy plant at the Hidden Hollow Landfill.

City leaders from Eagle, Garden City, Meridian and Boise met the Dynamis CEO to get their questions answered.

Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd says her constituents are concerned about air quality and costs. Certainly the cost to our taxpayers and our rate payers. Their enterprise funds, their general fund but they all come from the same people. We would like to have a greater assurance to what the cost impact could be.

Construction on the plant is already underway and a groundbreaking is planned in September.

At Thursdays meeting only city officials could ask questions, but you'll get a chance to weigh in next week.

Dynamis is taking questions on July 17th and 18th at the Hilton Garden Inn in Eagle, from 6 to 7 p.m.

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