BOISE -- Idaho officials say mosquitoes are out and about, buzzing in people's ears and sucking their blood.

That's the word from mosquito abatement districts across the state that are now warning people to wear long-sleeve shirts, use mosquito repellent and reduce standing water on their property.

Though mosquitoes typically cause just red bumps and itching, the real danger is from West Nile virus.

Back in 2006, Idaho led the nation in West Nile cases, with about 1,000 infections reported -- along with 23 tragic deaths.

Last year, there were just three reported cases in humans, and no deaths.

Still, health officials are wary, because outbreaks of the disease can re-occur.

Equine owners are also cautioned to vaccinate their horses, as these large mammals are among West Nile virus-carrying mosquito's favorite prey.

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