MERIDIAN -- One week ago, a Star family was involved in a car wreck that killed their five-year-old boy. Saturday, family and friends laid Alvin Strauss to rest.

Over at the Meridian Speedway, two drivers gave their part of the purse to the Strauss family. Number 18, Chad Barker, and number 37, Donovan Johns don't know the Strauss family. This is just something they decided to do to help a family out.

Saturday, a crowd gathered at the Meridian Speedway to watch the races. Joan Biccione and her husband come almost every week.

We've been coming here for years, Biccione said. We love it.

For a couple drivers, this race was different. Chad Barker heard about the wreck in Star last Saturday on the news.

Just crazy how life works, Barker said.

He decided he needed to do something to help.

They're going through a rough time, he said. And it's not fair to anybody to have that taken away from them like that for no reason.

Barker is a driver and a father.

When I looked at little Alvin, I saw my son in him, Barker said. It just touched my heart. I don't know how to explain it.

He and his partner decided to give their part of the purse to the Strauss family. That's not the only effect Alvin's death had on Barker.

I didn't wear my seatbelt particularly a whole bunch and, for some reason, ever since I heard about that, it's been on every time I've got in the car, he said.

Getting into his racecar, or his personal car, he's thinking about Alvin.

Every driver that participates in the race gets part of the purse. The winner gets the most, and it's divided in smaller portions going down the ranks. The winnings for mini stock cars 18 and 37 are set to be donated to the Strauss family.

The Ada County Sheriff's office is still investigating the crash that killed Alvin. So far, no charges have been filed against the driver who rear-ended the Strauss family's van.

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