MERIDIAN, Idaho -- It didn't rain on one Boise couple's Sunday wedding, but they got soaked anyway. That's because their wedding venue was in a rather unusual spot: a waterpark!

The bride and groom won a Mix 106 FM contest to have their nuptials at Roaring Springs Waterpark. The pair had to send in an essay and compete the station's Newlywed Game for a week.

As part of their prize, the waterpark and radio station arranged to provide free wedding clothes, flowers and food for the ceremony.

There was one little caveat before the couple could collect their prizes though. They had to exchange their vows on top of a huge water slide and take the plunge all the way down.

Jenna Carlin, the bride, said it was a short week for her to prepare.

It seems almost surreal, Carlin said. I don't even know that it's clicked yet, that's it really happening, but it's pretty exciting.

The groom, Chaz Snider, said after dating for seven years, he was ready to get married, but a few things gave him cold feet.

The heights and the stairs make me more nervous. said Snider as he waited to say I do.

The couple said they have no plans to take a honeymoon yet. Carlin did tell us that with the money they've saved from having to pay for their own wedding, they are considering somewhere far away, like Fiji.

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