BOISE -- It's been an intense three weeks of training and anticipation for Olympic Gold Medalist and local cycling champion Kristin Armstrong.

The reason? She's patiently awaiting selection to the U.S. OlympicCycling Team, and expects to be notified of her acceptance on Friday.

Armstrong, who broke her collarbone during the 2012 Exergy Tour on May 24th, was forced to drop out of the tour's remaining events. At the time, international cycling media and other commentators questioned her ability to compete in the upcoming London Olympic Games in July.

However, Armstrong never questioned that ability. She told KTVB's Jay Tust that she's been riding her bicycle up to 500 miles per week since the accident to prepare for London.

My shoulder feels great, Armstrong said, adding that sometimes after several hours of riding, she does feel a bit sore. Nevertheless, she said that she'd just completed a five-hour ride on Wednesday, and felt like she was in top shape.

Going into the 2012 Exergy Tour, Armstrong was undefeated in the women's time trial cycling event. Her eleventh place finish in the Exergy Tour's time trial came despite a broken collarbone and a fall.

On Friday, Armstrong expects her post-accident work ethic to pay-off. That's because at some point during the day she expects to be asked to join the 2012 Women's Cycling Team by theUnited States Olympic Teams' official selection committee.

Armstrong said she'll likely find out about the selection at the same time as local media outlets. That's because the committee will notify athletes by posting results on their website.

You can watch Jay Tust's entire interview with Kristin Armstrong by clicking on the video link above.

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