TWIN FALLS -- At the age of 101, Twin Falls native, Dorothy Custer has become a TV and Internet sensation.

She has appeared twice on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, showing the world not only her humor but also, exceptional harmonica playing.

Wednesday, Custer celebrated another milestone birthday with friends and family doing something most would be afraid to ever try; zip lining.

Even though Dorothy didn t even know what zip lining involved, she thought she would try it anyway.

At first they thought it was a little crazy but then they knew I was anyway, said Custer. I thought well that would be kind of an interesting thing, especially in this beautiful canyon.

Jody Tatum and Dave Fairbanks with Magic Valley Flight Simulation tell KTVB they had hoped to open the zip lining adventure on June 2nd. They invited Custer to be one of the first participants.

Zip the Snake is what they are calling the attraction located down on the floor of the Snake River Canyon, with a launch point at the Canyon Springs Golf Course.

Dorothy, ready to check out what the attraction had to offer, also brought her harmonica to play as she rode down.

It s just a part of me. I have played it for so long, said Custer.

She headed down the first zip line with little fear and after that, she decided to try a second and much longer zip line.

Fairbanks said Dorothy made several appearances on local radio shows around Twin Falls Tuesday playing her harmonica and enticing others to check out Zip the Snake when it opens in mid June. They also gave out 101 zip lining vouchers in honor of Dorothy s 101st birthday.

Naturally, Wednesday Dorothy s zip lining adventure drew a crowd to the floor of the canyon.

I have watched her on Jay Leno and heard some of her story and listened to her harmonica playing, said Kay from Boise.

I think it s very courageous and wonderful that somebody her age can do that, said Kim Reid.

By the end of it, Dorothy made it very clear she could have done more.

How was it? Did you enjoy it? asked a Zip the Snake employee.

Oh yes, it s too short, replied Custer.

The zip line may have been too short, but the life of this woman, is anything but that...

It was really quite a thrill and it didn t make me nervous or anything, said Custer. I ll have to think of something else, for next year.

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