BOISE-- A mountain lion that made its way through downtown Boise Monday has been shot and killed by police.

Police say dispatch began receiving calls from citizens around 11:30 p.m. Monday that the cat was in the area north of Bronco Stadium near the Greenbelt.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has been working to find the cat since Friday when it first appeared in the Warm Springs Mesa neighborhood.

On Monday morning, a cyclist reported seeing the mountain lion on the Friendship Bridge over the Boise River near Julia Davis Park.

Police found and shot the 70-pound juvenile male around midnight on Monday after it was seen feeding in a dumpster about 200 yards away from Bronco Stadium. They shot it as it was walking across the Greenbelt.

Fish and Game officials believe this is the same cat that was seen picking at a deer carcass in the front yard of an east Boise home Friday night.

Fish and Game officers now have the mountain lion's body.

I was disappointed at the outcome, but at the same time, when we have an ongoing situation like this, there was a sense of resolution that at least now people can use the Greenbelt, said Matt O'Connell, Senior Conservation Officer with Idaho Fish and Game. We've had a lot of concern from people wanting to know if the Greenbelt was safe. It was a mixed emotion. I feel bad for the animal. I never want to see an animal, especially a young one like this, dying. But some times it just has to happen. That is the reality of what we do.

See the raw interview with O'Connell here.

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