BOISE - Police officers continue to investigate what they call a rash of home and garage burglaries in the Columbia Village and Surprise Valley neighborhoods of east and southeast Boise.

Officers have now taken more than 50 reports of home burglaries in the east Boise area within the past month. Many of the burglaries were first reported to KTVB in late April.

According to Boise Police spokeswoman Lynn Hightower, the burglaries all have several features in common -- and it appears that the burglar, or burglars, are entering homes and garages through unlocked doors, and in some cases, even through pet doors. The burglaries are all happening at night, or during early morning hours.

However,Hightower says most of the items stolen have been from unlocked cars in garages, including lap tops, guns, tools, binoculars, and other valuable items.

Police say they don't have any information about the description of the suspect, or suspects, at this time.

To help prevent theft, BPD encourages citizens to lock their doors, and not leave valuables in their cars.

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