BOISE -- The U.S. Chief Agricultural Negotiator is visiting Boise today as part of World Trade Day.

World Trade Day is an opportunity for agricultural leaders to meet and talk about issues they're facing in the industry.

Ambassador Isi Siddiqui says one of the leading issues he discussed with farmers and ranchers this morning was trade restrictions set by other countries. He says these restrictions prevent Idaho agricultural producers from exporting their goods.

If we did not export all these commodities we produce in Idaho they'd be gluttonous commodities, our economy would not be as robust and healthy, so I think exports do contribute to jobs and the health of the economy, said Siddiqui.

He says by visiting and discussing with agricultural producers today he can continue to promote the agricultural exports and growth in the local economy.

The ambassador will also be speaking later today at Boise State University and touring potato production and research facilities in Nampa and Caldwell.

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