NORTH BEND, Wash. -- King County sheriff's investigators say there have leads, but are not ready to begin a full scale wilderness search for a suspect in a North Bend double murder.

It's been four days since Peter Keller, 41, allegedly shot to death his wife and daughter at their North Bend home and then set the house on fire. Police believe he could be in a makeshift hideout in the woods with a lot of guns.

Detectives hope someone remembers seeing Keller's truck at one of the many trailheads in the area. It's their best hope of finding a place to begin what promises to be an extremely difficult and dangerous manhunt.

Literally, in the vicinity of North Bend, there are hundreds of miles of logging roads, said Martin Volker, Pro Guiding Service.

Volker makes a living in the rugged Cascade foothills around North Bend as a professional guide. He does not envy anyone hiding or searching in the area this time of year.

As we always say in the mountains, you know, 30s and raining, that's perfect weather to make a grown man cry, he said.

Authorities say Keller is a capable and well-equipped outdoorsman. If he has decided to hide out and, as some believe, has created some kind of shelter and stash of supplies, he becomes a difficult target.

Honestly, I don't think it would be very hard to stay hidden, said Volker. There's a lot of terrain and the terrain is fairly non-descript, so it is a difficult search for anybody who's trying to coordinate that search.

With many popular trails around the region, detectives are depending on hikers for leads, but are also warning them a very dangerous man may be out there.

With so many avenues of escape and places to hide, deputies are hoping it's on everyone's mind they need a solid tip before they can begin what promises to be a rough search.

Authorities say if you spot the suspect, do not approach him and immediately call 911.

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