BOISE -- The rain was falling all day Thursday, and that meant it was a long day for Ada County Highway District crews as they worked to keep large amounts of water from the roadways and from people's homes and businesses.

The toilets were overflowing, a little water on floor. We had a little mess to clean up, said Mark Bird.

Bird is the owner of Idaho Marine. It's a business right next to the Boise River that specializes in boats and having fun on the water. But Bird found the water from his overflowing septic system Thursday morning was not so fun.

When we get too much rain it fills up, and everything just sort of backs up if we're not prepared for it, said Bird. At least our boats are still here to float away.

The rain didn't make for a fun day for ACHD crews either. They started early in the morning, responding to reports of water on the roadways across the county.

We're running around all over right now. We got calls just coming in one right after another, said Terry Dice with ACHD. We're overwhelmed for what we can keep up with. We got several vac trucks out, and a lot of our brooms out right now trying to help everything out.

Some problems were caused by clogged storm drains, like at Glenwood and Riverside. Once workers were able to clear those drains of leaves or garbage, the water quickly disappeared.

In other spots, like around the North End, and at 30th and Idaho (which is close to the Boise River) -- it was simply a matter of too much water.

The river's overwhelmed, obviously, said Dice.

With the river already full there was no place for it to drain to, so they had to use their vacuum trucks to suck as much water out as they could, and take it away. But with the rain still falling (as of Thursday night), they'll have to keep coming back as a long day turns into a long night.

Off to the next one, the race is on, said Dice.

ACHD says they've pretty much caught up, but are working to stay that way. They still have four vacuum trucks and two broom trucks out now, along with a number of crews in pickups just clearing storm drains. Crews say they'll have to keep working until the rain stops.

If you see standing water on the road, crews say do not drive right through at normal speeds. The water might be deeper than you think and you could end up stalling your engine.

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