BOISE -- For a very tough half-marathon, the Race to Robie Creek is always a festive affair with costumes, music and a party at the finish line.

But for Virginia and Kevin Dunn, it was a bittersweet day at the Race.

It helps to have events like this, said Kevin Dunn.

It just gets us through another day, said Virginia Dunn.

Their daughter, Amy Dunn, passed away from cancer three weeks ago. The former Bronco soccer player had run Robie eight or nine times, and was hoping to at least volunteer this year.

But instead, her family was volunteering for her, and her friends were running it for her, complete with T-shirts that read, Get it Dunn.

We are running in honor of our friend, Amy Dunn, said Maureen Brewer, a long-time friend and teammate of Amy's. She's going to be watching over all of us. I know that she's here today.

She was just always the person that was the quiet leader, the silent one that just quite literally just got it done all the time, said Libby Johnson, another of Amy's friends.

I might lose my biological sister, but I'm getting a lot of sisters out of it, and brothers too, said Eric Dunn, Amy's brother. We're tight, so... it's a great day.

And while this group was running to the finish, it was who they were running for that was more important.

They're just wanting to finish, said Kevin Dunn. We told them, 'Two hours, four hours, we'll be here at the end to greet them, and say thank you.'

You can see more of the Race to Robie Creek by clicking here.

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