CASCADE -- The McCall chief of police is recommending criminal charges be filed against the Valley County sheriff, her chief deputy and a jail sergeant. That's according to the Star-News, and confirmed by McCall's chief.

Last October, McCall Chief of Police Jerry Summers was asked by the Cascade Police Department to investigate arson at the Cascade school, since Summers is a trained arson investigator. Fifteen-year-old Jeffrey Wright of Cascade was arrested in January by McCall Police for setting that fire in a classroom.

This story was reported by the Star-News, and confirmed by Summers. Summers wanted Wright to be fingerprinted and booked at the Valley County Jail before being transferred to a juvenile detention center. Summers told the Star-News that near the end of the booking process, Valley County Sheriff Patti Bolen and Chief Deputy John Coombs halted it, saying that it was improper for a juvenile to be in the jail.

Wright was transferred to the juvenile center, but his affidavit of probable cause was put in a box to be shredded and his booking record was deleted. While the affidavit was eventually found, it did delay his arraignment the following day.

Summers launched an investigation into the booking process, but Bolen refused to be interviewed and told her employees not to speak to investigators without clearing it with her first. Again, that's all reported by the Star-News and confirmed by Summers.

They say that Summers has recommended in a report that Bolen be charged with resisting and obstructing officers, a misdemeanor, for refusing interviews.

Summers also recommends that Coombs be charged with a felony count of concealment of evidence, and that Sergeant Dave Snider be charged with destruction of public records, also a felony, for their handling of the booking record and affidavit.

It's important to note that no one in the sheriff's office has actually been charged with any crime.

The Valley County Sheriff's Office referred KTVB to their lawyer for comment, who did not return a call.

Right now, the case is in the hands of the Canyon County Prosecutor's office, who is being assisted with the investigation by the Attorney General's office. They don't know when that investigation will be completed.

As for Wright, he was re-booked at the jail and is being held at the juvenile detention center, waiting for his trial on May 21.

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