MERIDIAN -- A story we brought you Tuesday is getting a lot of reaction, as people in the community come to the support of two midwives under investigation for the death of a newborn baby.

Coleen and Jerusha Goodwin were midwives at the Baby Place. Coleen is the owner. They are both now under investigation for the death of a newborn baby last year, after documents claim they waited too long to call paramedics when the child was born unresponsive after 48 hours of labor.

No charges have been filed. However, the Idaho Board of Midwifery suspended Jerusha's midwife license and Coleen has had her rights to renew her midwife license suspended for two other baby deaths in 2010 and 2011.

We called the Baby Place again, where they said they had no comment at this time, and neither woman, or their lawyers wanted to comment either.

But people are commenting on KTVB's Facebook page (for and against the investigation), with one woman saying she had a terrible experience at The Baby Place. They're also calling and emailing KTVB with their reactions.

Angela Hancock is just one parent who contacted KTVB, following the story we aired last night, detailing the investigation. She's a childbirth educator and mother of four, who had two of her children at The Baby Place.

I'm just behind them to support them, because I know that this has been really traumatic for them individually, said Hancock.

She says, her experience wouldn't lead her to believe that the Goodwins could be negligent midwives.

They know what they're doing. That's why I chose them, said Hancock. I've never seen anyone be so gentle with my babies, as they were, after they were born.

Right now, Coleen and Jerusha Goodwin are serving only as administrators of The Baby Place.

Meridian Police say their investigation is ongoing, but again, no charges have been filed.

If you want to read more about why the Midwifery Board suspended those licenses, we've linked the documentation for you.

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