BOISE It could be a month before a replacement is found for a retiring Ada County Commissioner.

Long time Boise public servant Vern Bisterfeldt is said to be retiring on May 4th, due to health problems. This leaves the two other county commissioners; Rick Yzaguire and Sharon Ullman to decide on issues that affect Ada County until a replacement is made.

The Ada County Republican Central Committee has 15 days to nominate three candidates to replace Bisterfeldt. Those names are then forwarded to Governor Butch Otter and he has another 15 days to decide on the replacement.

He is kind of the gold standard for public servants, said Boise city councilwoman Maryanne Jordan.

For now, friends of Bisterfeld just like Jordan are more concerned with how Bisterfeldt is healing after his two back surgeries.

He is having a little difficulty with some of the pain because he is trying to recuperate, said Jordan.

Through a common interest in politics and public service, Jordan met Bisterfeldt years ago.

He and I actually ran for the same council seat in 2001 and got to know each other running for that same seat, said Jordan.

In the course of the election Jordan said, the two of them became friends, although Bisterfeldt won the council seat that year.

When an open seat came up a couple of years later he was the first person I heard from and he thought I would be a good person to appoint to the council and that is the kind of guy Vern is, said Jordan.

Late last week, Bisterfeldt informed his fellow Ada County commissioners of his intentions to retire on May 4th.

He just doesn't feel very well, said Chairman of the commission, Rick Yzaguirre.

Bisterfeltd told his colleagues, it was time to step aside and heal.

This is happening pretty quickly so we are kind of learning as we go, said Yzaguirre.

For now, the commissioners will take on Vern's existing projects.

If we split the vote and it s a one to one vote the issue would die and in some cases we don t want that to happen and in other opportunities we can table it out until we have a third commissioner, explained Yzaguirre.

Bisterfeldt served for 30 years as a Boise Police officer, he was then elected to the Ada County Commissioner board and retired. Years later he decided he was not done serving the public so he ran for the position on Boise city council. After that term ended, he ran again for commissioner. Friends say, he realized a life of serving the public is for him.

He had the wisdom to know that it was time to make this decision, but you know Vern has retired from the county commission before and he felt better and then he ran for city council so we ll just wait for the next act. This isn't the final goodbye, that is for sure, said Jordan.

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