GARDEN CITY -- A dog from Star, missing for five weeks, found his way back home, but lost a part of its foot.

Roy, a two-year-old yellow lab, went missing back in February.

His owners, Mike and Wendy McGowan, sent out search parties to look above their farm in the foothills. Mike even took two weeks off from work to look for Roy.

The family eventually lost hope that they would ever see their reliable friend again. That is, until Mike got a call from a pound in Boise saying they had his dog.

When Mike picked up his dog, Roy was 20 pounds lighter and missing a portion of his right front paw.

It's a miracle that this dog survived. It really is. Losing that much weight and with really no food, said Wendy McGowan.

After surgery to pull the skin over his stump, and a few weeks to heal, Roy is doing much better.

On Friday, Dale Perkins with Rehab Systems, fitted Roy with a prosthetic leg to help him walk, and eventually run.

It will take Roy a little time to get used to it but Perkins is confident it will work.

The prosthetic leg will give Roy extra padding on a foot, similar to a paw.

This is pretty remarkable considering how much of Roy's foot was gone.

As for how Roy lost his foot, the best guess is that Roy was caught in a trap in the foothills. He most likely spent several weeks caught in the trap before he somehow made it free.

It's not uncommon for dogs in a similar situation to Roy to have their entire leg amputated. That was discussed but his owners felt the prosthetic would be a better option, even though dogs can do well with only three legs.

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