BOISE -- Volunteers and employees of Boise's Women's and Children's Alliance are looking for a very special, stained-glass butterfly.

Representatives from the local shelter say two, separate groups of young people damaged and stole the custom art piece on Saturday.

WCA Communications Manager Colleen Steinman says the butterfly is valued at several thousand dollars and is the centerpiece of a statue that celebrates the power of victims to heal.

It symbolizes the metamorphosis of the women and children who come to our programs, Steinman said.

Steinman told KTVB that security cameras captured the first half of the crime early Saturday morning. She says that's when several young people broke the butterfly off its mount on the statue.

Steinman says later, a group of four young people -- not necessarily teens -- walked by, and stole the broken pieces.

Boise police are currently investigating the crime as both vandalism and theft.

However, Steinman said the WCA is willing to forgive both groups involved.

We will not prosecute if the person returns it promptly -- no questions asked, Steinman said.

Steinman went on to say the custom sculpture was created by the Boise State University Sculptors' Guild, and donated to the WCAearly last fall.

Could the WCA simply get a new butterfly?

The piece would have to be re-made and it would be several thousand dollars, Steinman said.

Instead, Steinman hopes the butterfly can be repaired at a much lower cost.

Boise's Women's and Children's Alliance installed the special statue to celebrate its 100th anniversary. According to its mission statement, the WCA provides safety, healing and freedom to victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

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