BOISE -- All four major presidential candidates have campaigned in Idaho at least once, and Ron Paul is the only candidate scheduled to hit our state again before the caucus on Super Tuesday.

The candidates are making the final push, and it's very exciting that Idaho could play a key role in selecting our nominee, which is the first time that's happened in a really, really long time, Jonathan Parker, Idaho Republican Party Executive Director, said.

The state party office says Ron Paul is the only candidate with a physical campaign office in Idaho. Romney, Santorum and Gingrich each have staffers working in the state. Romney also staffs a phone bank.

As Super Tuesday nears, it's Ron Paul who's chosen to camp out in Idaho. He has four visits around the state squeezed into two days, including on Super Tuesday. So far, Paul's schedule indicates no other stops on Super Tuesday except for a Nampa appearance around noon.

I believe Ron Paul is putting a lot of his eggs in the Idaho basket, but I think it's fair to say too that the other candidates are spending a lot of time and resources in the state of Idaho as well, Parker said.

Meet the Press Moderator David Gregory tells KTVB Ron Paul will stay in the race until the national convention.

The interesting thing to watch behind the scenes is how Romney has been courting Ron Paul and how Paul is helping Romney by going after anyone who pops up. Now it's Santorum, before it was Gingrich and he doesn't go after Romney in the course of the debates, Gregory said.

With the state party's new caucus system, the delegates could be split up amongst candidates, but it's also entirely possible that three candidates could end up with none of Idaho's delegates and one with all.

If one candidate does receive over 50 percent of the county delegates to the state convention, that candidate will win all of Idaho's 32 delegates to the Republican National Convention, which really is a key prize, and any candidate who is serious about seeking the nomination or winning the nomination really should focus on Idaho, and as we've seen, they have. Parker said.

None of the candidates has confirmed attending an Idaho caucus, but the party office says there are rumors of surprise visits from candidates.

Of the ten states with a Super Tuesday caucus or primary, Idaho ranks 7th in terms of delegate count. Georgia and Ohio have the most, each with more than double the delegates Idaho has (76 and 66, respectively).

To read more about how the Idaho Republican Caucus will work, visit the GOP's website by clicking here.

Elizabeth Santorum, Rick Santorum's daughter, will visit Meridian on Saturday morning at 11 a.m. at the Meridian City Hall.She was with Santorum during his earlier Boise visit.

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