IDAHO CITY -- Residents in Idaho City are bracing for round two of snow.

This comes after the small mountain town went from no snow just a few days ago to over three feet in some places.

All the snow has created problems for a lot of those who live in and around Idaho City. Power outages have been reported for the past couple days.

Idaho Power says they've had crews working around the clock trying to restore power Friday. The heavy snow caused trees to fall on lines all over the place leaving some residents there without power for hours, while others are still in the dark.

When the lights started flickering I knew the power was going out last night, so I hurried dinner, made a really short dinner and got it eaten just in time for the power to go out, said Rhonda Jameson, an Idaho City Resident.

At one of the local grocery stores, they have had to turn away customers because the frequent power outages have fried their computers leaving them without a way to ring up customers.

At Trudy's Cafe in Idaho City folks gather to talk about the happenings in town. Friday the talk is all about the recent snow. Trudy Jackson, owner the grocery store and cafe, is a long time resident of Idaho City. She's says they're used to the snow there but not so much so fast.

We got hit hard. We went from zero to 100 in two days, said Jackson.

The heavy snow has also forced the school district to cancel classes at the elementary and high school for the third day in a row. We're told the streets are just too snowy for school buses to maneuver.

With another storm expected to bring snow to the area residents say they're preparing for the next round.

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