EMMETT, Idaho -- Many of you were probably hoping for a white Christmas, but this year it just wasn't meant to be.

KTVB caught up with one family that took Mother Nature into their own hands.

It's six o'clock in the morning, the temperature is in the teens, humidity is low and there's not a cloud in the sky.

Perfect conditions for, Making our own snow, said Nick Scott.

Scott decided in October that he wanted to build a rail park in his backyard.

I wanted to be done December 1, because that's when our storm was last year, he said. So that was kind of my goal date right there.

But as everyone knows - the snow never came.

So he went on YouTube and Google to see how to build a snow machine. He built one, but it didn't work. So he bought one instead.

You can see that big mound right there, that's what we made last night, so it does a lot, and this is just three days of just snow making, so if we had a couple weeks, we could really fill this place up, said Scott.

His backyard park has the attention of his neighbors.

Our house is a little bit higher, and from the upstairs you could see him build it, said neighbor Travis Farnsworth. It was like, 'what's Nick up to now?'

From two in the morning until eight or nine, Scott has his machine running.

Six-year-old Tessa Farnsworth doesn't mind the machine. She's here for one reason.

There's no other places with snow except for here, she said. Like in the mountains there's no snow. There's just no snow except for here.

While Tessa said she wanted snow for Christmas, she forgot to ask Santa for some.

No problem - Scott took matters into his own hands. In spirit of the holiday season, he plans to share this project with everyone.

This is not about making money, he said. This is just pure fun, and maybe trying to help other people out in the community. That's really what it's about.

Eventually, Scott would like to open it up to more than just his friends and neighbors and invite the community.

He said that if it gets to that point he would let people in for free, but ask for a donation which he would then give to a local charity.

It's Christmas, Scott said. You want to give back to your community, and how things are, it's tougher now for everybody, so I wanted to, I hear donation drives on the radio all over, well, I wanted to do my own version.

So until Mother Nature decides to begin chipping into Scott's project, he'll continue waking up in the middle of the night.

A little bit more snow, and this thing would be perfect, said Scott. As soon as morning comes we got to get out and shovel the snow around and spread it out so it doesn't mound up and get frozen.

So that people like Cael Farnsworth can get their snowboarding fix.

Can't go snowboarding because none of the places are open up in the mountains, said Cael Farnsworth. This is the only place you can build snowmans and have snowball fights.

And his sister Tessa can make snow angels and snowmen.

Snow at home would be really fun, she said. You could just play with it all day. I love snow and it doesn't matter when. I just love it.

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