BOISE -- The Boise Hawks may be getting a new place to play minor league baseball.

Business leaders and real estate experts released a 27-page report Tuesday to examine the best places to build a new multi-purpose sports complex.

An empty lot off 30th Street could someday be home to a brand new baseball stadium for the Hawks, or a place where Boise residents can gather for the arts.

The Better Boise Coalition, as well as many other stakeholders, say this location is just a tentative spot for a multi-sports and entertainment complex. So far there is nothing set in stone. But the current Boise Hawks stadium needs some upgrades in order to stay competitive in the minor league market.

Hawks President Todd Rahr says he visualizes a place centrally located that is suitable for the community, as well as his baseball team.

I think the stadium that we have currently is an inadequate stadium, and compare to the other cities around the country, this size and this population, it's not comparable, said Rahr.

As far as who is paying for this potential facility, that is really unknown.

The price tag to build a brand new stadium could cost around $25 million.

The good news is the 30th Street site is owned by the city, and the city has said they will help in the acquisition of the land.

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