BOISE -- For some residents in southeast Boise, the summer of 2011 will be remembered as miserable, their crawlspaces and basements mysteriously flooded for months. But now, the water is suddenly gone.

Five homes along S. Minuteman Way have been dealing with flooding since August. All along they've been pointing their finger at the New York Canal, which runs above the affected homes. To them it's no coincidence that the end of irrigation season means the end of their flooding problem as well.

We're no longer pumping water, said Amanda Wheelwright.

The crawlspace underneath Wheelwright's house is finally drying up.

There was never a time we weren't pumping -- until right now, said Wheelwright.

Next door, Rachel Ziemer says they too are drying up.

The water is completely gone, said Ziemer. We've unhooked all the pumps and closed up the crawlspace.

For the past three months, five neighbors along the street pumped hundreds of gallons of water from their basements, crawlspaces and yards.

It has been really frustrating the entire time, said Wheelwright.

The neighbors say it's obvious why the water is now gone.

The New York Canal, which runs right above the affected homes is now empty, drained for the season.

I think it has to be connected to the canal or the irrigation from the canal in some way, said Ziemer. It'd be too big of a coincidence that at exactly the same time the whole thing cleared up.

In my opinion it's no coincidence at all. I suspected this all along, said Wheelwright.

Although the neighbors suspect the canal, the Bureau of Reclamation says its investigation is still on-going.

We want to get out there and do our typical routine inspection of the canal once the water is out of it, said Dick Link, an engineer with the Bureau of Reclamation.

A few weeks ago, the bureau began drilling wells to monitor the level of the ground water. Their findings show ground water had been dropping even before the canal was shut off.

The water levels in the area have been declining for over three weeks out there. I realize the canal just went off this weekend and things are looking nice out there, but water levels had been going down since early October, said Link.

While the investigation continues, residents hope they find out something soon so that next year their homes aren't flooded again.

I definitely don't want to live through this for another irrigation season, said Wheelwright.

Neighbors say they've shelled out thousands of dollars for supplies to pump the water out of their homes, as well as for repairs.

Three of the neighbors have obtained a lawyer to see if there are any legal avenues they can take going forward.

The Bureau of Reclamation says it could be weeks, if not months, for them to complete their investigation.

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