BOISE -- After 28 days in court, the jury in the Daniel Ehrlick murder trial took just a little over two hours to reach a guilty verdict on Thursday night.

For two years the community has followed and shed tears on behalf of 8-year-old Robert Manwill, the victim of Ehrlick's crime.

The word closure can be used almost too much in a situation like this, but that's really what this is providing for a lot of people, the chance to put this case to rest, and begin to move on.

Minutes after the guilty verdict, Robert Manwill's aunt Trish Burrill spoke with us live in the lobby of the Ada County Courthouse.

We have closure and Robert has justice, said Burrill. And God will take care of the rest of it.

Outside on the steps of the courthouse, a group of nine gathered to hold a vigil for Robert.

I've waited for this day for two years, said Gina Luscombe.

Luscombe found out about the search for Robert from day one, and even helped in the search effort.

What was your reaction to watching the verdict tonight? asked NewsChannel 7.

I screamed, said Luscombe. I screamed, and then I walked for two miles so I could get a ride so that I could come down here and hold this candle because I just wanted Robert and his family to know that we love him.

Near the Boise Bench apartment where Robert used to live, it was a beautiful day with birds singing. That s where we found David Kulm riding his bike.

I was a little surprised with how fast the jury went, said Kulm. But it didn't really surprise me about the guilty verdict.

Kulm says the jury got the right guy, but Ehrlick s sentence doesn't bring Robert back, but it does provide some justice. He says he's looking at the bright side of this tragic story.

The one good thing out of it is, it brought a whole lot of people together under one theme, doing one purpose, and that was a good thing about it, but it's still sad that it had to be like that, said Kulm.

In the neighborhood around where Robert lived, we found more people touched by Robert's story.

Is this justice at all? asked NewsChannel 7.

You bet it is, said Chuck Brockman.

A necessary step for everyone to move on, but never forget.

I think it's going to help the healing of the community and they realize that everybody, said Brockman. I know there are a lot of prayers that went out for him, to find the culprit, and I think this will be a great healing process for the whole community.

Judge Darla Williamson will sentence Daniel Ehrlick on Sept. 2, 2011.

He faces a maximum of life in prison for first-degree murder.

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