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BOISE - Sass, sweetness and the splits: that pretty much sums up Dorothy Custer's appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in June.Now Custer is seemingly wowing another crowd: the Internet.

Dorothy Custer was born in 1911 -- 100-years ago.She lives in Twin Falls, and visited the late night host at the beginning of the summer.She cracked one-liners, played the harmonica - and even offered to do the splits on national TV.

KTVB.COM posted the video - and it saw great traffic - viewed more than 1,700 times that first day.While traffic for most videos slips when the clips leave our home page, Custer's clip did something else: it kept growing.After being seen a few hundred times each day over the summer, it took off in September - with more than 47,000 views.

But September doesn't seem to be Custer's last stand - pardon the pun: In October, our Idaho viral video star saw the biggest traffic day so far - more than 3,500 views.Custer's clip is already the most viewed on KTVB.COM this year - and is often the number one video each day, ahead of news stories, BSU football and even the popular weather forecast (sorry, Rick).

The clip has been recommended more than 4,000 times on Facebook and is ricocheting around e-mail boxes all over the country fueling the viral fun.

Custer kept both Jay and the audience laughing. On her visit to Universal Studios on a windy day - she was literally holding onto her hat.She said a young man told her she should worry more about keeping her skirt down than her hat on. I don't care. What they see down there is 100 years old. This right here is a brand new hat!

She said her favorite innovation is the microwave - she detests credit cards - and even got the crowd going with Turkey in the Straw on her harmonica.You'll find the clip above.

UPDATE: As of February, 2012 - this video has been viewed more than 800,000 times on KTVB.COM- and has more than 7,000 Facebook likes. We asked Dorothy what she thinks of all the attention -watch here.

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