TWIN FALLS --The Canadian woman who survived seven weeks in the remote northeastern Nevada mountains has been released from St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center in Twin Falls. She was transported to a British Columbia hospital.

St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center in Twin Falls elevated 56-year-old Rita Chretien's condition to good on Tuesday before releasing her.

A search team is looking for her husband, 59-year-old Albert Chretien.

The couple from Penticton, British Columbia, strayed onto a mountain road en route to Las Vegas in March.

Albert Chretien left their van on March 22 to find help and never returned. Searchers are holding out the slim hope he found shelter.

The 911 Call

Dispatcher: 911, what's the address of your emergency?
Caller: Hi, my name's Chad Herman, I found a lady that's been in her van for... since March 19th, and her husband left on March 22nd and never came back.

Dispatchers got detailed directions from the ATV rider and found out how treacherous the roads really were.

Dispatcher: We're sending a helicopter up that way. Chad, is that road snow-covered? Or do you know?
Caller: From where she's at towards Elko is all snowed-in and blocked out.
Dispatcher: Alright Chad, and we'll keep in touch with you, or you'll be looking for the helicopter, okay?

Doctors reintroduce solid food and coffee

Rita Chretien survived by rationing trail mix and hard candy.

When the hospital updates her condition they list the foods she's eaten in detail.

Tuesday's update said,a Cup of Soul coffee was brought to her from a local coffee house. It included a sprinkle of cinnamon, nutmeg and a dollop of whipped cream, which Rita said was delicious.

While that sounds almost trivial, a hospital spokesperson says any food that Rita is able to keep down is a step forward.

After spending seven weeks living off of a tablespoon of trail mix, creek water and hard candy - reintroducing foods can be difficult because the GI track can shut down in order to preserve energy. But Rita's body is responding well.

Handwritten notes explain what happened

We are learning more about her incredible survival. There were several handwritten notes including one that led to her rescue.

That note simply said Please help stuck.

Now we know that there was more to that note.

Further down she wrote, No food. No gas. Dead bat. Lost my way!

When the space on the paper begins to run out, Rita's writing gets smaller.

Al went to get help. Find Mountain City. Did not return!

Mountain City is about 27 miles away from where hunters found Rita. But those 27 miles are through rugged mountains.

The last words on the paper Rita wrote in red referenced her husband Al.

Maybe died along the way?

Search for Albert Cretien postponed due to bad weather

Rain and flood warnings caused rescue crews to postpone search efforts for Alfred Cretien on Tuesday afternoon.

The last updateKTVB got on the search was that unless Al found shelter, it would be very difficult for him to survive.Rescue teams are still calling this a rescue effort and not a recovery.

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