ELKO, NEVADA-- A young Nevada woman was part of a group of hunters that found Rita Chretien.

Whitnie Herman couldn't hold back tears as she recounted the experience of finding her.

She says they weren't even supposed to be in the area they went that day, but boy are they glad they did.

They just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Every year the elk and deer lose their antlers and we're big into hunting, said Whitnie Herman of Elko, Nevada.

That hobby led Herman, 26, right to Rita Chretien.

Last week, Whitnie, her husband and her father were riding their four-wheelers in an area they typically don't explore.

They were startled to find Rita's van.

I seen my dad giving the you know, are you ok? And I seen Rita open the door tell us, 'No, 'I'm not ok, I'm not ok, she said.

Rita told them her husband has been missing for weeks, repeated that he is a fighter and told them she was hungry.

We sat her down and gave her the food and stuff we had. We had Doritos and jerkey and water, said Herman.

Rita was shook up, but Whitnie couldn't help but notice she was otherwise fairly healthy.

She looked very, very well. She's an amazing woman. She had her hair braided, glasses and was just kind of back and forth crying and upset, Herman said.

Whitnie's family had to think fast.

They left Rita to go to a ranch house about ten miles away to call for help.

They returned with rescuers about an hour later.

When we got back she was standing there. She had one of those sling bags, sling purses on and she was ready to go. Her prayers were answered and we're thankful for that, said Herman.

My dad hugged her and then I hugged her. And the sweet little lady she said, Can I have a business card or phone number so I can give you a proper thank you? And I told her, Don't worry about it. You just take care of yourself, said Whitnie Herman.

As she recalled finding Rita, Whitnie became emotional, knowing her family took part in reuniting another.

It didn't really sink in until Sunday being Mother's Day and I just didn't want to let go of my mom, she said.

Rita told Whitnie Herman that she ran out of gas and depleted the van's battery.

Whitnie said she also noticed blankets hanging out of the van

and a note on the windshield that had the word stuck on it.

She said she is amazed by Rita's survival story and if she gets to see her again, all she'll want to do is hug her again.

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