Rachel Hackney has a good head on her shoulders. The Melba High School senior is first in her class.

I just want to try my hardest now so it makes it easier down the road, said Distinguished Student Award winner Rachel Hackney.

She has a kind heart too.

She volunteers at a local homeless shelter once in awhile, serving food and visiting with the people.

It makes me feel sad because I've been so blessed with everything. So I feel kind of bad that they have to go through such a tough time, said Hackney.

Rachel also helped make these suckers to sell at the community auction and raise money for a classmate who's having health problems.

It humbles me to know that there are other people out there that I need to think about besides myself, said Hackney.

To go along with the good head on her shoulders and that kind heart, Rachel also has talented feet. Rachel's been clogging since she was 7-years-old. Now she performs and competes with the Idaho Rhythm Dance Company.

I've created a lot of bonds with people outside of school, said Hackney.

And she's bonding with younger kids too. Teaching them the art of the dance, That's really exciting because it's like they didn't know anything and you taught them that, and it's really awesome to see.

Staying on her toes and taking steps to secure her future, Rachel Hackney is the winner of this week's DSA.

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