BOISE -- Lawmakers were hit with a pop quiz on Idaho history when public schools chief Tom Luna decided to show off some new technology being used in classrooms -- but not everyone passed.

During a hearing Wednesday, the 27 lawmakers on the Senate and House education committees were asked two questions and given electronic devices that function like a remote to input their answers.

While Luna used the clickers as an example of how technology is revamping the traditional classroom, the devices also allowed the audience a brief chuckle when some lawmakers failed the short quiz.

When asked what year Idaho became a state, the results were automatically projected onto a screen and showed that 17 percent of lawmakers on the two education panels did not know the correct answer.

When asked which town was Idaho's first capital, 15 percent did not answercorrectly.

Do you know more aboutIdaho history than some of our state lawmakers? Take the following quiz to find out!

What year didIdaho become a state? (click on your answer)

What was Idaho's first capital city?

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