BOISE -- The Boise mayor's office is calling the announcement of two new businesses moving into downtown an early Christmas present.

Two upscale grocery retailers are slated to be built in Boise next year.

Whole Foods was approved by Planning and Zoning Monday night, and tonight the city council is set to approve another grocery retailer, Henry's Market.

The addition of these businesses could mean big things for the economic development of Boise.

There's a lot of investment, a lot of capital sort of waiting on the sidelines and they're all kind of waiting to see what's going to move and to see this start moving, said Boise Mayor Dave Bieter. I think that gives people confidence to make other investments.

Bieter says the economic development is two fold for these projects.

Construction jobs will be created to build the stores. And, the addition of these stores could spur on more businesses to move to the area.

Bieter says it's another good sign the economy could be making a rebound.

I think all of us need some reassurance that we've seen the worst and things are getting significantly better, and some cranes in the air reassures people that things are moving forward and that things are getting better, said Bieter.

Whole Foods is expected to be built in mid-2011 at the intersection of Broadway Avenue, Myrtle and Front streets.

And, Henry's Market will be built at 15th and Idaho streets. Ground breaking is scheduled for March.

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