BOISE -- It is the time of year when many of our local schools have food drives.

It's a great way to give back to the community.

KTVB's Maggie O'Mara heard about a teacher at Eagle High School, who decided to give his students a bit of an incentive.

He promised to shave a mohawk and dye it if the kids reached their goal.

I gave them three days, told them if they could being in 500 pounds of food between my six classes that they could give me a mohawk, said Clay Hatfield, a teacher at Eagle High School.

He even upped the ante, if the kids brought in a thousand pounds of food in three days, they could dye his mohawk too.

In three days, my 6 classes brought in almost 1300 pounds of food, said Hatfield. I didn't think for a second honestly that they would reach a thousand pounds.

That explains the bright red streak in his hair.

I think it's a good idea because we raised more food this year, than in the last five years for the school, said Matt Cota, a student at Eagle High School.

Mr. Hatfield inspired his students by sharing his own story, I grew up in a small town, single mom and we struggled and it was programs like this that really helped us through hard times.

One by one, the students came up to shave part of his head, and Hatfield said he would do it again.

Got him excited about this, got them interested in community service, I'll do this every year, said Hatfield.

That's why Mr.Hatfield, and his students at Eagle High School are this week's Seven's Heroes.

All of the food donated goes to the Eagle Community Food Bank.

If you have an idea for a 7's Hero, email Maggie O'Mara and let her know about it.

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