BOISE -- Kids playing behind an apartment building in Ada County stumbled across a man's body late Friday morning.

The body was found around 11 a.m. near the Charter Point Apartment complex near the intersection of Lake Hazel and Maple Grove roads.

Several paramedics and sheriff's investigators responded to the complex.

The Ada County coroner has identified the deceased manas 37-year-old Marcus Norvell Shelton of Meridian.

Neighbors say a couple kids were playing in a narrow grassy area between oneof the buildings and a fence when the noticed a body.They told adults that a man was back there and may be dead.

While another woman called 9-1-1, Jason McNealy, who lives just feet away, went to investigate.

When I approached him the last thing on my mind was here we have a dead body, said McNealy. Upon trying to get his pulse and feeling the skin, and the temperature of the body, I could pretty much assume that I wasn't going to find what I was looking for.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office says there were no obvious signs of trauma to Shelton's bodyand he is believed to have died from medical issues. Deputies do not believe any crime was committed.

KTVB hasreceived calls from friends of Shelton, who said that he was battling terminal cancer, and that likely attributed mostly to his death.An autopsy from the coroner is still pending.

Victim-witness coordinators were also on scene to help any witnesses who found body -- by talking to them, and perhaps, helping the family find some counseling, if it's needed.

Deputiessay about once a week that they respond to calls like this of what they call unattended deaths. Most of thoseoccur inside someone's home.

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