BOISE -- Bronco head coach Chris Petersen has quite the job -- devising a game strategy, using an innovative and creative style.

When KTVB's Dee Sarton began taking a closer look at just how Coach Pete and the Broncos keep their creative edge -- she discovered an interesting twist.

The new motto around motto at BSU is Innovate at Boise State.

KTVB learned a little something about Coach Pete and a gang he belongs to that may have a little to do with that innovation.

The gang consists of an eclectic group of Treasure Valley over achievers, such as Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney, Trey McIntyre Project CEO Michael Schert, and Business Professor and Author, Nancy Napier. These people are leaders well known far beyond Idaho's borders, and they help each other stay on their game.

There are eight of them, from government to education to the arts to business and they're diverse, they're all high performing, highly creative, and completely non-defensive in wanting to learn, said Nancy Napier.

So the gang gets together and they learn. So what can the sheriff learn from the coach and what does the dancer teach the coach?

Probably first and foremost is just how important creativity is in the workplace, in our job which certainly never would have never thought of ten years ago or eight years ago without question and once those doors were open it really started to open our eyes to how we've done things, how they've helped us and really what's the next step toward being on the cutting edge and staying creative, said Napier. To me, it's the ultimate renewable resource, you cannot hoard it, save it, pass it on to your kids, no single organization, person or country has all of it.

But when it comes to creativity, the Broncos seem to at least have a corner on it thanks to unconventional formations, specialization and trick plays-- and could all of that on the football field be inspiring to dancers and jailers and vice versa?

Our sheriff shows that law enforcement can be creative and innovative, said John Michael Schert of the Troy McIntyre Project. I like watching the broncos in the same way I like watching good art or eating good food. It has a lot of nuance, layers, and a lot of integrity and a lot of sense of itself. They know what they're trying to achieve and they go and achieve it and that's art really.

Sheriff Gary Raney and Nancy Napier agree, each person from the gang has something to offer, and something to learn.

I think it's important for everybody to learn from everybody they can, said Sheriff Raney. Personally, it's been an honor to be around some of the smartest people I've ever met in my life and also to learn new ideas about organizational development from them and have some of the ideas of what we were doing right be reinforced.

Learning from each other and now we have sort of a phrase that we talk about which is that they want to out think and out perform anyone else in their fields, so they are very good at analyzing and thinking, explained Napier. They are really good at creating and innovating and they're all high performers but they want to get better.

It's that never being complacent that seems to be a common denominator among the gang members and a critical component to success.

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