BOISE -- U.S. military officials say recent reports about captured Idaho soldier Bowe Bergdahl are not true.

Over the weekend, a news organization based in Britain reported that Bergdahl converted to Islam -- and is training Taliban agents in bomb-making techniques and ambush tactics.

NBC's chief Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski spoke to military and intelligence officials about the story, and they tell him the report is far from credible, and to consider the source -- a Taliban commander by the name of Haji Nadeem.

They immediately poked holes in it by pointing out that Nadeem said when Bergdahl was captured after walking away from his combat outpost, for whatever reason, that when the Taliban took him into custody they made him take off all his clothes and his body armor for fear that there was a GPS locator implanted in either the armor or his clothing. But the fact of the matter is Bowe left the base with nothing more than a compass and a bottle of water. He left his weapon and his body armor behind, so the story already doesn't hold much water from the get-go. And the fact that the source of the information is actually a Taliban commander of sorts indicates it may be nothing more than pure propaganda.

Miklaszewski says the military continues to focus on Bergdahl's safe return.

A spokesman for Bowe Bergdahl's family says the family has no comment.

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