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PAYETTE COUNTY -- The Payette River continues to cause problems for those living near its banks in Payette County.

In New Plymouth, the Black Bridge Road has been closed due to water over the roadway.

The roads aren't the only thing flooded either.

There are multiple homes that have been flooded, both in the county and in the town of Payette.

It started to get this bad about 5 or 6 last night, said Devin Barker, who lives off of Black Bridge Road.

There s nothing you can do to stop it.

Barker says his property has been flooded three times before, so when his family saw the water starting to rise they jumped into action collecting valuables.

We started about 10 yesterday morning because we knew it was coming and we were just taking our last load out when it started to come into the driveway, said Barker.

The city of Payette also saw flooding Sunday afternoon. A neighborhood in the southwest corner of the county began to see water rising from the river around noon.

All of a sudden it just took off, it was a mess, said Tonya Goodman.

Goodman and her family moved into the house last month and Sunday they re packing up to leave.

We have some family we re going to stay with over in Fruitland. Loaded up all the animals and we re gone, said Goodman.

Across the street from the Goodmans, Allan Mulder and Lorinne Munn are keeping a watchful eye on the water edging closer to their property. They placed sandbags around their house and have moved valuables on top of furniture.

All you can do inside your house is move everything up hopefully three feet high is high enough and the stuff you can get out of here you get out of here as fast as you can and then you just have to stand back and wait for the damage and clean it up, said Mulder.

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There is some good news though.

The National Weather Service said the water has crested at 13.7 feet and is beginning to recede.

Forecasters had thought the river could get as high as 14.4 feet.

If you are in Payette County, officials urge you to use caution.

There are multiple road closures and locations where there is water over the roadway.

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