BOISE -- A new road construction project on Interstate 84 is causing delays for drivers during the rush hour.

Crews began work overnight on the four-mile stretch of I-84 between Meridian Road and Five Mile Road. It's all part of the Meridian Interchange project.

The Idaho Transportation Department says they're making necessary improvements to the road, so that section is down from four lanes to three.

The change did cause some delays for drivers Thursday morning.

One of those commuters who got stuck in the gridlock was Ben Mouser.

Got on to Garrity and just kind of hit a wall of traffic about the Ten Mile on-ramp, and it was stop and go all the way past Eagle Road, said Mouser.

Mouser was one of many traveling through the construction zone on I-84.

It normally takes me to get down to Parkcenter, about 35 minutes, but this morning it took 80 to 90 minutes, said Mouser.

We did notice there was a bit more of a backup once you got the volume on the road during rush hour, said ITD spokesman Reed Hollinshead.

Crews are rebuilding the outside lanes on I-84, repaving the inside lanes and fixing storm drains in the median as part of the Meridian Interchange project.

Hollinshead wants drivers to know the work will continue until this winter, so be prepared and be patient.

When you restrict the lanes down, if there is anything a driver can do, leaving early, finding a different route that makes sense to them, that helps, said Hollinshead.

Mouser says the change caught him off guard, but ITD says they did everything they could to prepare drivers.

We've put out press releases, we've gone through social media, we are doing what we can to let folks know this is happening, and unfortunately, it's part of construction as we've all seen over the summers, there is some sort of delay, that's inevitable, said Hollinshead.

The same work will begin on the westbound lanes in that same stretch of the interstate at the end of the month.

The work will continue until this winter, then it will continue next spring.

ITD says if you are traveling through that area during rush hour, leave a few minutes early and be patient.

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