BOISE -- The attorney for a Filer resident, whose dog was shot and killed in February, confirms a lawsuit claiming emotional distress is on its way.

The tort claim was received by KTVB Friday. Dog owner Richard Clubb is asking for $150,000 in punitive and compensatory damages, not including attorney and court fees from the City of Filer, the Filer Police Department and Officer Tarek Hassani, who shot the dog.

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After seeing dash cam video from media reports of the family black lab named Hooch getting shot by officer Hassani, Horseshoe Bend resident Edith Williams wanted to do something more.

It absolutely shocked me what happened, she said. We really want them to have other options.

Williams said she began talking first with Boise County deputies, asking them if they had formal training in how to deal with aggressive dogs. When she learned they didn t, she started there.

I started contacting county commissioners and our own sheriff and said can we be proactive? Williams asked.

A formal investigation on the Filer dog shooting performed by the Nampa Police Department even documents Officer Hassani s response to a question about dog training. (Excerpt from investigation below)

I asked Officer Hassani what training he had received on how to handle an animal control call. He stated, None that I can recall. He said they do receive some training at their monthly department meeting. He said he believes the training is recorded because he usually signs a POST roster. Hassani stated his initial field training consisted of riding around with the Chief of Police (at that time was Chief Johnson) and learning the city. He said it was a very short and limited field training.

Williams wants officers to know about an upcoming 8 hour Canine Encounters class, being hosted by the Ada County Sheriff s Office in October. The class was supposed to happen on July 10th but a spokesperson Andrea Dearden said that class had to be cancelled because not enough people signed up for it.

Out of 4,000 and umpteen law enforcement agents there were only nine people that signed up, said Williams. One of them from Boise PD, two Fish and Game, four Idaho probations and the other I think were from Payette County Sheriff s (Office) and he was forced to cancel that class.

She said the course could be really helpful to officers when they come in contact with an agitated or aggressive dog. The course outlines defense tactics for dog encounters such as; types of responses by officers, tips for assessing a scene, alerting a dog and how and when to use force on a dog.

It would keep our pets safe, it would be proactive, it would show good will on their part and I think it would be really good if they attended those trainings, Williams said.

Ultimately, investigators with the Nampa Police Department deemed the February 8th shooting of Hooch, justified. The report says at the time of the shooting Officer Hassani feared for his safety.

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