BOISE -- Heading into the Independence Day weekend, many people are looking forward to doing some grilling, but firefighters have a few tips for you to make sure you grill safely.

While conditions are perfect for grilling, firefighters say conditions are perfect for fire, as well.

Captain Jerry McAdams with the Boise Fire Department says if you're grilling make sure your grill is clean to avoid the whole grill catching fire.

You see a lot of fires start because grills aren't properly cleaned, said McAdams. They get a lot of fat and debris built up in the bottom of the grill and then you end up having a fire.

He also says the most common grilling fires they see are where the grill is too close to a wall of the home.

They're too close to the home, the grill catches on fire and then the home catches on fire, he said.

Also, with conditions so dry, firefighters say even the littlest thing can start a fire right now.

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