MERIDIAN -- Even as the state's populations continue to rise, its crime numbers are going down. It s a big selling point for those wanting to make Idaho a home and businesses already here.

Idaho continues on a five-year downward trend when it comes to crime across the state. Recently, the 2013 Crime in Idaho report was released by the Idaho State Police Bureau of Criminal Identification.

Police agencies across the state send their crime reports to the manager of the Bureau of Criminal Identification, Dawn Peck. She and her team spend months analyzing the numbers and then give them to the public each year by July first.

We have a decrease in the major crimes, explained Peck. The (crimes against persons) and overall things are looking better.

The report suggests that crimes against persons - things like murders, rapes and assaults - are down 3.7 percent.

Crimes against property such as robberies, burglaries, larceny and arson are down 3.9 percent.

However, crimes against society: like drugs, weapons and even prostitution have increased by 9.4 percent, but even while that is true, the overall big picture shows crime is on the decline.

I think the public likes to know what their communities are and is crime going up or down, said Peck.

While Peck can t really pinpoint why crime is decreasing in the Gem State, Capt. Bill Gardiner with the Idaho State Police said he believes better communication between agencies helps.

With that comes better information sharing, better sharing of resources and better officers on the ground, and I like to believe that that has a better hand in helping with these crimes, said Gardiner.

State troopers are not just patrolling the highways, they are also investigating some of the state s biggest crimes.

We have detectives assigned to general crimes that would take care of burglaries, larcenies, sex crimes, and then a lot of our time is spent doing drug cases, he said.

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