BOISE -- Three people were rescued on the Boise River after their rafts overturned Sunday evening, fire officials said.

Rescue crews were first called to a report of woman holding on to a piece of wood pinned against a pillar beneath the West Parkcenter Bridge.

Firefighters were able to reach the woman, who was not injured. Three other people in the raft also fell into the water when the raft hit the pillar. They all made it safely to shore.

As firefighters were getting the woman to safety, they saw another raft with two people on board get pinned up against a different pillar on the same bridge.

Firefighters were able to quickly get to them using a boat.

According to the Boise Fire Department, the river is running just above 1,500 cubic feet per second (CFS). That's about 500 CFS above normal flow for float season.

The water is also very cold.

These conditions can get the best of even a very good swimmer, said Battalion Chief Tom Pawek. Rafters need to be prepared, wear life jackets, shoes and take other safety precautions, always be aware of the river current, where they are, and remember the river conditions change daily,

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