MIDDLETON -- You may have seen them in the past week, Facebook posts that have been popping up on pages in the Treasure Valley talkng about a very aggressive children's book salesman. They say he won't take 'no' for an answer, and may have forced his way into some homes.

Corporal Joshua Karabinus with the Canyon County Sheriff's Office says he has received numerous complaints about the salesman, People were concerned because he was asking a lot of questions in reference to if people have children and neighbors having children, just having rather aggressive sales tactics.

However, Karabinus says the man is permitted and licensed, and the reports of him forcing his way into homes are unfounded. There is nothing criminal going on. He's not showing any intent to commit any crimes. He's just an aggressive salesman.

We reached out to the company the salesman represents, Southwestern Advantage, but they had no one available for comment. Karabinus talked to Southwestern Advantage and the salesman, telling him to tone it down, because he is worrying people.

But, what's worrying Karabinus now, is seeing people on Facebook threatening violence against the salesman, We really don't want to condone violence against anybody out there who is selling. Most of the time, these are legitimate people trying to make a legitimate living. If there are criminal issues, that's something we need to address as a police agency, and people need to call us for stuff like that.

Also on Facebook, some thought that perhaps this same salesman was selling home security systems, but that's not true, he doesn't work for them. Karabinus said that was a totally different complaint in reference to a different salesman.

KTVB also asked Karabinus what people should do, if a door-to-door salesman is crossing the line and he says, If they are refusing to take 'No' for an answer, tell them to leave. Go in your house. Shut your door, whatever the case may be. If they absolutely refuse to leave, call us or local law enforcement, and we can deal with that situation as we need to.

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