BOISE -- Boise State University is getting some new downtown digs.

The university's computer science program will move into the yet to be built City Centre Plaza.

Boise State President Bob Kustra, Mayor Dave Bieter and representatives from the Gardner Company gathered on the Grove Tuesday to make the official announcement.

The Gardner Company proposed a deal in which the university would be allowed to lease space in the plaza at a reduced rate.

The State Board of Education approved the plan last Thursday.

Kustra said there's a big advantage to being located close to all of the software engineering firms downtown.

To have our faculty and students in computer science so close to where they'll eventually work, to where our faculty will do collaborative research with these firms, is just a golden opportunity for our students, for our faculty, and for our industry partner as well.

In addition to Boise State, the City Centre Plaza will be home to Clearwater Analytics and other technology firms.

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