BOISE -- In April, a semi-truck hit a four-year-old riding his bike in Boise. Lachlan Gebhardt was in serious condition and in a coma for weeks. Now, he is back in Boise after receiving treatment in Salt Lake City.

There was an off-duty firefighter that saw the whole thing happen and he pulled Lach and started CPR, because Lachlan wasn't breathing, said Renn Gebhardt, the boy's father.

Gebhardt said the ambulance came extremely quickly and got his son to the hospital about ten minutes after the accident.

He's got a pretty severely broken leg, Gebhardt said. His femur got broken in several pieces and he's got an external fixation on the outside of his leg to hold it all together.

Lachlan is also dealing with skull fractures, a traumatic brain injury, and several internal injuries.

Because he is so young and was so seriously injured, Lachlan and his mother went to Salt Lake City's Children's Primary Hospital for more treatment. Renn stayed back in Boise, but visited as often as he could.

It's traumatic as a parent to know that you're away from your kid, said Gebhardt. I want to be a part of that recovery process as much as possible, so for me not being there, it hurt.

Gebhardt credits the off-duty firefighter, first responders, and all the doctors and nurses for his son's survival.

At the end of the day it's going to end up being one big miracle because the prognosis for him is really good, he said.

After weeks of waiting, his son is back home recovering.

I have everything I could want for Father's Day and every day, for that matter, right here within arm's length, Gebhardt said.

Doctors say because Lachlan is so young, his brain will heal well and find new pathways. He is getting the fixture on his leg out in July.

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