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BOISE - Some of the details emerging after a May 8 shooting that killed two men and injured a woman in an Orchard street home last month appear contradictory.

A man that lives near the house where 27-year-old Travontae Calloway and 28-year-old Elliot Bailey were shot multiple times last month and died testified in court Thursday at a preliminary hearing for Samari Winn, the man accused of leading the killer to the victims' door.

The neighbor said he was watching TV that night when he heard seven or eight pops coming from the direction of Calloway's house. Thinking the sounds were fireworks, he said, looked out the window and saw two men moving swiftly down the street.

He testified he could not make out the race of the man in front, but said he was wearing all black, was between 5'11 and 6'1, and weighed about 180 pounds. He described the second man as shorter and heavier, wearing jeans and a denim jacket. That man was white, he said.

That contradicts what Calloway's girlfriend, who was shot through the arm but survived, told the
court Thursday. She said Winn rang the doorbell, and the the shooter barged into the house with a gun and opened fire. She insists the attacker was a heavyset black man with a beard, someone she recognizes from working on a marijuana farm near San Jose last year.

The neighbor testified he saw something different when the fleeing pair ran beneath a street light.

The second guy had either something light on his head, or he had blond hair or reddish hair, he said. He also told police after the shooting that he was 95 percent certain the man was Caucasian. He stuck by that assessment in court as the defense attorney questioned him.

Another witness, a woman who was visiting her boyfriend's house when the shooting happened, described a white van with a distinctive dent in the door park around the corner from Calloway's house just before the shooting. Her description of the vehicle matches one owned by Winn's roommate.

She also saw the two men, although she was unable to make out their races. But she testified neither man seemed particularly heavyset.

They were fairly tall men, she said. They were of a very good build: They were in shape, it seemed.

Did either of them seem out of shape? defense attorney Randall Barnum asked.

No, she said.

So one of them did not appear to be fat? Barnum asked.

No, she said.

Winn was arrested day after the victims were shot. He has been charged with two counts of aiding and abetting murder and one count of aiding and abetting attempting murder. His case was moved to district court, where he is scheduled to appear June 12.

NOTE: Because the suspects are still at large. KTVB has chosen not to include their names.

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