A video released by the Taliban early Wednesday morning appears to show prisoner of war Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl being handed over to U.S, Special Forces.

Jim Miklaszewski, Chief Pentagon Correspondent for NBC News, said in an interview with KTVB that he didn't know the video would be released.

It's interesting that the Taliban would be more forthcoming than the US government, he said. Go figure.

Bergdahl appears healthy in the video, despite his nearly five years in captivity, Miklaszewski said.
Bowe fortunately looks in remarkable physical condition, he said. Psychologically, who knows?

A Taliban fighter speaks to Bergdahl before handing him over. Translators have said the man warned Bergdahl never to return to Afghanistan. The special forces agents are shown patting Bergdahl down twice before he climbs into the waiting helicopter.

That's because there was some fear the Taliban might plant a suicide bomb on Bowe, and they just wanted to make sure he was all clean before they put him on that helicopter, Miklaszewski said.

The corespondent said he'd been told Bergdahl could be transferred to a hospital in Texas by the end of this week. Although the Army has launched an inquiry into the events surrounding the soldier's capture, Miklaszewski says those questions will likely wait until after Bergdahl has recuperated and been reintegrated into society.

The inquiry could lead the Army to launch an full investigation if officials believe Bergdahl left his base willingly.

The possibility of a criminal investigation seems pretty high, Miklaszewski said.

But he believes it's unlikely Bergdahl will be charged with desertion under military law, despite accusations from his fellow soldiers.

You'd have to prove, No. 1, that they left voluntarily, but No. 2, they never intended to return, he said. That's where it gets a little touchy.

He said that if an investigation leads to criminal charges for the soldier, he'll likely be charged with going AWOL, or absent without official leave, instead of desertion.

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