BOISE -- A new convention planned for October 17 and18 could bring thousands of comic book, anime, and video game enthusiasts to Expo Idaho. Organizers say Tree City Comic Con will feature vendors, celebrities, costumes, and more.

Comic Cons are very popular in other cities, with some large conventions drawing hundreds of thousands of people. Salt Lake City's Comic Con, for example, drew around 100,000 last year. Tree City Comic Con hopes to draw as many as 10,000 in its first year.

I've been wanting one for years. There have been many other local cons, but they're more generally specialized to a certain genre of geekdom, if you will. But comic con is going to centralize everything so that everyone can feel a part of it and be excited for going, Tree City Comic Con spokeswoman Kristal Larsen said.

As the countdown to the October comic con continues, organizers are looking for sponsors and volunteers, and hope people are planning their costumes.

Batman, Robin, Trekkies, you've got Star Wars fanatics. You can be pretty much anything here and be accepted, Larsen said.

While a lot of planning is still going on, and the comic con has faced some skepticism, Tree City Comic Con has a number of things being finalized, including some of the celebrities.

We've got a lot of things in the works. One for sure is we do have Lou Ferrigno... the Hulk, the original, is going to be here, which is amazing. I think everyone can kind of remember and relate to him. We do have a couple of other celebrities that will be coming. One of the originals from Star Trek, can't say who, but if you were to take a look at the main actors you could play a guessing game and keep a look on our website to see who that's going to be, Larsen said.

Tickets for Tree City Comic Con go on sale Sunday, June 1.

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