BOISE -- A very special homecoming at the Boise Airport for a young man returning from an LDS mission.

Ty Higley returned home after two years in Brazil.

His dad, Duane Higley, lost 140 pounds while his son was away.

Because of the limited contact allowed between missionaries and their families, Duane was able to keep his weight loss a secret from his son.

Despite limited contact with Ty, Duane says it wasn't always easy keeping his transformation a secret.

He wrote us after Christmas, you know because we can Skype twice a year and at Christmas he said in his letter, 'Man you guys must've been really cold because you were really bundled up,' because I had a bunch of sweatshirts on and Will was sitting on my lap so he coudn't tell. And then Mother's Day we told him I was at a meeting when really I was there, I just didn't get in front of the camera because we didn't want to spoil it two weeks before he got home.

Duane says he used Ty's workout videos to get into shape.

Father and son are planning to run a half marathon together this summer.

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