CALDWELL -- It's graduation season and high school seniors across the Treasure Valley are preparing to turn the tassel and start a new chapter in life.

But for one Caldwell student, there are two reasons to celebrate this spring.

Keely Snow is just 17-years-old, but she's already far ahead of many of her classmates when it comes to class work.

She's not only graduating with her high school diploma this month, but also her associate's degree.

Snow told us she's always looking for new challenges. That's part of what brought her to Vision Charter School back in sixth grade.

We were wanting to put me in a higher math class, she said.

At Vision, Snow could work at her own pace, completing advanced classes during the normal school day.

Throughout my high school career I've been able to take a lot of dual-credit classes which has been really great. I've been in an advanced curriculum, added Snow.

Because she's worked hard, the teenager is not only graduating with her high school diploma, but also a degree.

I'm getting my associate's degree from the College of Western Idaho, she said.

Keely has been a superstar, said her teacher, Rebecca Mitchell. She's going to go straight into the University of Idaho as a junior.

The dual-credit program offered at Vision Charter School saves students time and money.

As a dual-credit student, you only pay $65 per credit, said Snow.

That reduced price means a big savings. Plus, Snow is Vision Charter School's first Early Completer. She finished all of her high school requirements early, qualifying her to have the state of Idaho pay for 36 of her college credits her senior year.

To my knowledge we're one of very few schools that offer it, added Mitchell.

Snow has been able to finish all of her general education requirements for college. Plus, she still finds time to hang out with friends and participate in after-school activities.

I don't think it's impacted my high school experience negatively at all. I think it's been really positive because I've gotten to have that high school senior experience, all the fun stuff, the great academic things, but I've also gotten that college experience, said Snow.

Keely Snow plans to study chemical engineering at the University of Idaho. The rigorous program usually takes students five years to complete, but because of her dual-credits, Snow expects to finish in four years.

I'm really excited to open the new chapter of my life of going on to college, she said.

For more information on Vision Charter School and its Early Completer program, click here.

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